Minister's Black Veil Literary Analysis Essay

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Minister's Black Veil Literary Analysis: What I Thought The Message Was
This essay discusses the American Romanticism characteristics that are typical of this story as well as other different kinds of characteristics and the various kinds of symbolism that are demonstrated throughout the text .Topics that will also be discussed are themes, symbols, and motifs shown in the parable The Minister's Black Veil by Nathaniel Hawthorne. This will all be done the help of the cited sources attached.
One of the most obvious examples of characteristics of American Romanticism in the parable is the Black Veil that Mr. Hooper mysteriously began wearing early on in the story It demonstrated the secret of sin and how people should be more expressing when it comes to doing things that shouldn't be done. People should own up to their acts and show that they have done something wrong. "But what has good parson Hooper have upon his face?" Cried the sexton in astonishment."(Pg.1). The sexton did not know what to think of the black veil that hung about Mr. Hooper's face he didn't
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To start you have to envision the black veil the way that the sexton and Elizabeth did when they had first laid eyes on Mr. Hooper. It was almost like they instantly knew that the black veil was a symbol of secret sin. Another thing that has to be taken into consideration is that when a person first sees Mr. Hooper wearing the black veil chances are they're going to be very intimidated and the way that the black veil strikes a person as intimidating it tells them that this man has done something wrong and in Mr. Hooper's case what he did wrong was his secret sin whether it was only one or many that were the reason behind him wearing the black veil. Lastly, Mr. Hooper while in his death bed says that the Black veil is a sign of isolation from God And his fellow man because of the state he is in due to his sin
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