Miniver Cheevy Allusion

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The poem “Miniver Cheevy,” is about a man who spends his days wishing that he had been born in a different era than the one he spends his days in. Looking back on the olden days Miniver Cheevy feels that the olden days were much better than modern times and the poem goes on to show his love for the past. However, instead of doing something about his love and curiosity for the past he chooses to reminisce about the past and drink his misery away. Throughout this paper I will discuss the poem’s central purpose and its attitude towards its subject matter, and how the author uses allusion to reinforce the poems central purpose and attitude. First, I will begin with the poem central purpose or theme. I believe this poem has something to do with oppression and that he wastes his time dreaming of …show more content…

The author Robinson uses allusions to portray the glorious life that Miniver wished to have had. In lines (11-12) "He dreamed of Thebes and Camelot / And Priam's neighbors,” this allusion is a references to the famous places and people such as kings, power and riches that Miniver Cheevy wishes to have. Cheevy dreams of these glorious ideals, wishing that his life could be so gallant. Another allusion that alludes to the central purpose of the poem can be seen in lines (17-18), "Miniver loved the Medici, / Albeit he had never soon one.” This allusion demonstrates Cheevy's desire to be something greater in life than the failure he has become, like the example I used above such as a history teacher. Miniver Cheevy wants to become someone important like the nobel kings of the past. In his daydreams he wishes to become as wealthy and influential as the Medici. The reference to the Medici family, harshly contrasts the life of Cheevy because in his life he does nothing to try to raise himself up from his failures, he merely ponders and reflects about all the wild things he could do if he were one of

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