Minnesota's Geology

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Minnesota is home to many geological wonders. Whether it be the formidable cliffs of the North Shore, one of thousands of pristine lakes, or the miles of rolling farm land; Minnesota has much to offer. Each state has very different geology, and because of that, each state uses their geology in different ways. The geology of Minnesota plays an important role in many different aspects of our lives including our health, economy, and heritage. If the geology of Minnesota would have been different, there is no doubt that the state would be different today as a result. The wide variety of geological features in Minnesota affect our lives every day.
One aspect of our lives that Minnesota’s geology greatly affects is our economy. With over 10,000
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For years the Sioux, Chippewa, and Ojibwe Native Americans roamed the prairies of Minnesota, hunting the herds of buffalo. Minnesota had the geology to help support the buffalo, which in return supported the Native Americans. Located in Pipestone, MN is the Pipestone National Monument. This monument is the site where many Native Americans mined red pipestone which was made into pipes. This geological deposit was an important part of their heritage. Minnesota also had the geology to support many fur bearing animals. The fur business is an important part of Minnesota history. For years, Native Americans and white settlers used Minnesota’s forests, lakes, and rivers to trap, trade, and transport valuable furs. Minnesota’s location on Lake Superior was and still is ideal for many trading and shipping…show more content…
One specific example of this has to do with the proposed mining in northern Minnesota. Polymet, a large mining company, has proposed a big nickel and copper mine, but first they must meet extremely strict requirements and acquire many approvals. Much of the concern has to do with water contamination. If there is any way that processes from the mining cause water contamination, then the mining will not be approved. The protection of Minnesota geology is extremely important, especially water. So many things rely on the water that if it were to be contaminated, there would be a chain of unwanted results. Luckily, the state of Minnesota takes extreme caution to protect its most abundant
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