Minnesota's Informative Essay: The North Star State

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Minnesota is a beautiful and calm state to visit. Minnesota was chosen as my state report because it’s nickname is “The North Star State.” Another reason Minnesota was chosen is because it has a lot of interesting facts about itself. I hope to learn more about the history of Minnesota and about the wars that took place in Minnesota. Minnesota is interesting because it has more than 10,000 lakes including Lake Itasca. Because, I haven 't been to “The North Star State” I had to get my information from 50 States.com . This state is special because “Jeanette Piccard,” the first female ever to drive a hot air balloon in the upper atmosphere lived in Minnesota. Minnesota is located on the right hand side of North Dakota and South Dakota. The state…show more content…
When people get free time they workout, play video games, play sports, or relax and watch television. People grow corn, soybeans, hay, wheat, and sometimes sugar beets. Minnesota’s pro-football team is the Minnesota Vikings and their state museum is their science museum. At Minnesota people usually fish at the lakes especially Lake Itasca. The weather at Minnesota is partly cloudy with a tiny bit of sunshine. The temperature in Minnesota is hot but the lowest it 's ever been was 59F and the highest it has ever been was 114F. Some thing are affected by the weather like clothing and the free time people have. Minnesota has lots of floods throughout the year. People prepare for the floods by finding high grounds or climb roofs of buildings. They grab as much food as they can and tell their family members to vacate their houses and find high grounds. The flood sometime kills animals and even people. It takes takes down cars, trees, and even houses. There is an alarm for the floods that happen at Minnesota or other disasters such as tornadoes. Land animals that live in Minnesota are buffalo’s, moose, chipmunks, bears, wolves, and even tigers. An extinct animal that lived in Minnesota is and eastern elk. There are no refuges or nature preserves. Most animals are bigger than usual. The state animal is a Common Loon. The Common Loon does not fly or crawl it

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