Minnie's 'Benefit': Chapter Summary

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14. This revels that even though Skeeter is aware all of the racism that goes in her community, she was still brought up in a way to look down upon coloured people. Even though Skeeter knows about all the racism she’s seen, at the end of the day she is still white thought to think coloured people aren’t as good as her.

15. I think this action would be considered inappropriate for a lot of the white woman in Jackson because Sketter did that to her own friend. She was disobeying her own colour and people would think poorly of Skeeter, and especially Hilly. I believe this was also a way for Hilly to get a taste of her own medicine because of what she said to Minny. I feel like putting the toilets on the lawn served Hilly right.

16. I think
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Minny believes that those lines are there because if you cross them you get punished, at least she does. When Celia comes out with a fire poker to hit the white man she could have just hid behind the door, however she decided to take action. Minny wants Celia to understand how she doesn’t see the lines between her and Hilly. Minny however is stuck in a predicament because she doesn’t know how to tell her.

19. Chapter 25 “The Benefit” is the only chapter with a title and told in third person. That chapter needed to be written in third-person because this chapter allowed the readers to have a glimpse of multiple characters perspectives, instead of focusing on one character. The events that occurred at The Benefit occurred in many people’s eyes and we didn’t have to just see it through ones person’s thoughts and feelings.

20. The irony of the proceeds form the benefit are going to the “Poor Starving Children of Africa is Hilly is simply using that idea to paint a picture and show people she is a non-racist person. Her concern about the lives of the African children compared to her attitude toward the black people in her own community is just a fake advertising. She seems to “care” about the starving African children but if you cross her she can have you arrested, imprisoned, have your friends and family fired, and even worse. This is all an act to make her look like a good
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