Minny In Kathryn Stockett's The Help

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In The Help by Kathryn Stockett, two of the main characters, Minny Jackson and Miss Celia Foote, each undergo a different epiphany that changes their thoughts about another person. Minny realizes that Skeeter’s book is significant to her life; Miss Celia Foote realizes that being friends with the evil Hilly is not what she wants. Minny, a black maid in Mississippi, has an epiphany that revolves around the importance of Skeeter’s book, which is about black maids’ everyday lives, plays in her life. Earlier in The Help, Minny wants nothing to do with Skeeter’s book. Minny makes her position in the book obvious when she states that there is “no way I’m gonna do something crazy as that [helping write the book]” (Stockett 129). When Minny first…show more content…
Earlier in The Help, Miss Celia tries very hard to become friends with the ladies in Jackson, especially Miss Hilly and Miss Hilly’s friends. She does this because she is very lonely in her mansion and thinks she will be happy being friends with them. She calls Miss Hilly and Miss Hilly’s friends once every day about getting together to play bridge, which she does not even know how to play, and asks to be in their housewives’ club. Neither Hilly nor Miss Hilly’s friends ever call Miss Celia back, and they tell her that she cannot join their club, even though they have a couple spots open. In a conversation between Miss Celia and Minny that took place a few days after the banquet, Miss Celia has a realization that she does not want to be friends with Hilly. After Celia rips and throws up on Miss Hilly’s dress at the banquet, Celia said that Miss Hilly “looked at me like I was nothing. Like I was trash on the side of the road” (Stockett 336). Miss Celia once stated that when she was in Sugar Ditch, a very poor part of Mississippi, she was seen as nothing. Even though she left this poor part of Mississippi, she still feels like she is nothing because people often still think of her as the girl with no class from Sugar Ditch. So, when Miss Hilly looked at her in that way, she was reminded of how she felt in Sugar
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