Minny Jackson Character Traits

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Name: Minny Jackson.
Age: unknown
Nationality: American

Minny works as a maid for Johnny and Celia Foote, in Jackson Mississippi. She has 5 children and her husbands name is Leroy. Minny is one of the main characters in the movie the help. She is Aibileen’s best friend, and she is always looking out for her.

Physical traits: African American, short and stout. “I look down at hundred-and-sixty-five pound, five-foot-zero self practically busting out of this uniform”.

Social traits: Minny is very sarcastic and has a good sense of humour around the people she is friends with or is close to. Sarcasm comes very easy to her and uses it religiously. She has trouble keeping her thoughts to her self and isn’t afraid of the consequences unless it
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She has nannied 18 white babies and first started as a maid in her teen years. Her only child Treelore died when he was 24. Her best best friends are now Minny and Skeeter.

Physical traits: African American, tall, Medium build.

Social traits: Abileen has very powerful prayers and everyone feels it an honour to be on her prayer list. “We all on a party line to God, but you, you setting right in his ear”. Her morals include kindness, intelligence and fairness. Aibileen is very faithful to God. Her wisdom and intelligence is shown through the writing of the book. She is very shy and timid when talking to new and unfamiliar people.

Emotional traits: Aibileen’s heart is so big. She cares for everyone, Especially Mae Mobely. After her son, Treelore, died, a bitter seed was planted in her. She just didn’t feel so excepting anymore. She is loving and affectionate, after raising 18 babies she would have to be.

Aibileen is a quiet reverend character unless she is with Minny. With Minny, she is a little more loose. But she is very quiet so one of her habits may be to look down at the ground when she is
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