Minoan Civilization

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Minoan Civilization, which was a Bronze Age civilization in Crete, emerged between 3600-3500 BCE. Minoan had been discovered by excavations which were done in 1905 by Sir Arthur Evans. The name of Minoan was given by the British archeologists. The origin of the name is coming from mythical King Minos. However, it is not known that how the residents called themselves. Knossoss which was a city in Minoan island is known as the earliest permanent settlement in the Aegean islands. Its economy was based on agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery and hunting. The most gorgeous period was Neopalatial (1700 -1425 BCE). Early, Middle and Late Minaon periods which were determined according to pottery by Sir Arthur Evans were used in the classification of the history of Minoans. In addition to the first classification, Prepalatial, Protopalatial, Neopalatial and Postpalatial periods, which were determined according to palaces, used by Nikolas Platon to classify the history of Minoans. It is considered that people coming from Anatolia brought bronze alongside with them. The appendixes such as –sos, -nthos which are coming after the city names in island like Knossoss and Corinthos shows the interaction between Anatolia and Greece as settlements in both places share the same appendixes. After the widespread use of bronze, the level of navigation and the relationship with other civilizations in Aegean and Mediterranean increased. Especially, Minoan kings and Egyptian pharaohs had given

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