The Character Of Mercutio In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Characters make stories interesting. Some are more important than others. This creates the contrast between major and minor characters. However, some characters are important but don’t occur often enough to be considered a major character. The one that fits best is Mercutio from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” Mercutio builds the play with his unique aspects. Mercutio is the most important minor character because he brings the play to life, risks his life protecting Romeo, and helps Romeo make important decisions. Mercutio is important because he brings the play to life. He makes the play so realistic by representing the self-centered person in the group. He does this right from the scene he is introduced. Mercutio wants all the attention…show more content…
Even though he doesn’t do this on purpose, he does anyway. One of them is the party at the Capulets house. Mercutio intentionally tries to find Romeo a girl by going to this party, but accidently gets him to fall in love with a Capulet. He forces this decision upon him by peer pressuring him to come. Had it not been for Mercutio’s peer pressuring, we wouldn’t have the interesting play we have today. This scene is presented when Mercutio states, “Give me a case to put my visage in. A visor for a visor!” (I.iiii.29-30) Mercutio states that he is going to the Capulets house by asking for a visor. The visor is important for the masquerade party. Piece it together and you get, “we’re going to the Capulets!” Without Mercutio, Romeo would have never met Juliet. Romeo meeting Juliet is the most crucial part in the play because it builds plot. Another is after the fight and Mercutio perishes. Since Romeo now wants revenge, he battles Tybalt. Romeo states his vengeance when he states, “Either thou or I, or both, must go with him” (III.i.122). This forces Romeo to take the revenge of Mercutio. The audience understands his vengeful call by describing it as one of us dies or we both do, and that Mercutio is watching above and whomever passes will join him. This is just another way that Mercutio highly influences the play. So, Mercutio becomes even more important than when he is being first speculated. As many characters are important, Mercutio holds the title. Many characters are worthy rivals but none can match the self-centered Mercutio. He is too important to be considered a standard minor character. Many realize this when they ask themselves this question, “Without Mercutio, where would this play lead and

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