Minor Characters In Romeo And Juliet

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The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

In every work of literature, there are many different characters that help the plot grow and grow to shape a work of art. For example, in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet there are many other characters besides the star-crossed lovers, however, no side character is as important as Friar Laurence. While Prince Escalus helps defuse problems with both families, he is not as crucial as Friar Laurence because he is in on all the plots of the two lovers, he helps with both sides personally, and Friar can be called Romeo’s and Juliet’s father figure. Friar appears numerous amounts of times during the play and he is usually collaborating with Romeo and Juliet, which would make him just a step lower than being a major character, thus being the most significant minor character.
Primarily, an acceptable reason why Friar Laurence is a critical side character is that of the way Romeo and Juliet sees and understands him as a parental figure. In act one Friar is introduced when Romeo is sad about Rosaline, who he thought he loved. Romeo approaches and states “Good morrow, father.” (Shakespeare II.iii.31) and then the Friar States excitingly calls Romeo his son and blesses him. The conversation ends with the Friar being told about Romeo’s love for Juliet. Unlike what his real father might have done, Friar Laurence was not mad or shocked about Romeo, being a Montague, loving Juliet a Capulet. Once Romeo had told Friar he was understanding and was pleased that
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