Minor Characters In Romeo And Juliet

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William Shakespeare is a genius writer. He can craft an entertaining tale that leaves the reader in wonder, trying to comprehend everything he just read. His ability to give you enough information about the characters without the reader knowing them completely is amazing. In Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare invents many interesting characters. Tybalt, Friar Lawrence, Mercutio, and all of the minor characters are developed in a way that we know some things about them, but we never really get to hear their side of the story. The protagonists might just be the most interesting of all. Romeo is a teenage boy, with emotions and testosterone flying all over the place. He loves being with his friends, acting wild, and having crushes on girls. He is very handsome, and the even his enemy Lord Capulet thinks that he is a “well-governed youth.” If I were him, I would be happy with all of the things I have going. It seems as if he has it all, but he does not have control over his emotions.When Rosaline says she doesn 't love him the way he loves her, he falls into a depression where he avoids his family and worries his poor father. He cannot seem to get on with his life after a break-up. Benvolio is able to talk some kind of sense into him, but in the end, Romeo is still fairly emotionally unstable. Juliet is a young, beautiful rich girl who has been very sheltered her entire life. Her father wants only the best for her. She is only exposed to men at very formal dances, and even then, she
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