Minor Conflict In Godfather's Death

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Godfather Death
In Godfather Death we are shown that a man who works day and night to feed his thirteen children some bread has to make a choice of choosing a godfather that will provide for his last child. During his search of finding a godfather, he encounters three people that are willing to be the godfather. The first encounter is God, he said that I will be the child’s godfather but his offer is turned down. Again the man continues down his path and again he comes across another person that volunteers to be the godfather this time it is the devil. He again refuses to make the devil the godfather of his child and continues once again. Once again, he is stopped in his path and has someone else ask to be his child’s godfather this time it
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In this situation of the story minor conflict is experienced because Godfather death tells him the king must die and he cannot save him, but the godson goes against his orders and disobeys him by giving the king the herb and saving his life. A while later the Doctor who is also the godson is called again to the castle, but this time it is to help the king’s daughter. Once again, he waits to see where Godfather stands at and then makes his decision. Again father death is standing at the feet of the princess, but the Doctor once again disobeys father's death and turns the princess around that way her head is at his feet and he can give her the herb to cure…show more content…
The godson for not obeying his godfather is snatched by his ice cold hands and is taken underground where he is in a scenery of a dark place and the only light is candle light. Each light that burns have a feature different to the other some are tall others are short and the some are half. When the godson asks why they are all different sizes Godfather Death responds and said that each candle length is the life of a person and the time left they have to
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