Minor Law Frank Trippett Analysis

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People nowadays will mindlessly break a simple law, whether it be littering or speeding, it still affects those around you. Frank Trippett explains in his article that breaking a minor law has become a normal thing for people to do. He continues by providing examples of minor laws that are broken which consist of but are not limited to: littering, speeding, and noise pollution. He then states that people think only violent crimes matter in order to show how blind people are to the minor laws they are breaking everyday. He has an objective tone with society to try to get the point across that no law should be broken no matter how minor it is. Casually breaking minor laws is setting examples for younger generations, and hurts the society directly.…show more content…
For example, littering is very common and people that throw their trash on the floor or in the bush do not realize who that is affecting around them. Not only does littering just create a nasty and unhealthy environment people around, especially those very young, will learn from the actions they witnessed. A young kid seeing his dad or even a random person throw trash on the floor will trigger something in their brain telling them that is an okay thing to do, so they begin to throw trash on the floor when no trashcan is available. In addition to littering, noise pollution is unnoticingly hurting everyone around, especially for those that live in an apartment or houses very close together. Some people have stricter schedules than others, so while one person needs to be asleep by ten in order to be awake for work or school early in the morning others around might not need to be asleep until one or two in the morning. Those that stay up at night playing music, or doing anything that is making a lot of noise will keep everyone around them awake and in turn affect those that need to be asleep early drastically. Every minor crime seems very simple, but in the background it affects every single person around no matter how old or young they
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