Minor Themes In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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One basic ideology that runs through George Orwell’s Animal Farm is the belief that all animals deserve liberty and equality for all irrespective of stature, wealth etc. Orwell’s satire, based on the Russian Revolution and its aftermath, shows us that all animals [people] do desire for belonging, shelter as mentioned in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. However that is denied to them. The story also details how even the best intention can run amok when power goes to one’s head, and how a seemingly positive change in authority can result in creating a world that becomes worse, than the previous one. This essay highlights how Orwell’s minor characters illuminate the major themes and issues throughout the novella. The focus of this essay is ‘Clover’…show more content…
Propaganda is used to justify their wrong-doings and vices. The animals are parallel to the proletariats in the Russian Revolution. The animals are fooled and Napoleon’s tyrannies prevail. Like that of Stalin’s. Which was an important reason of the downfall of Communism [Animalism]. ‘The naivety of the working class’ another urgent theme and a reason to Napoleons success in Animal Farm . Throughout the story we see that the animal’s innocence is being exploited continuously. Their undying faith in the supposedly just leaders are what have led to the implication of ‘intelligence as tools of oppression ‘as well as ‘the abuse of language’ . We see Clover as well, giving in to the requests and commands of Napoleon, as the proletariat characters following suit. The reason for Napoleons gain in power. In summation, we see Clover also standing testimony to brutal acts terror and violence; to rule through fear. The ‘executions’ are parallel to events such as the Red Terror and the Great Purge conducted by Stalin himself . We see Napoleon using tactical strategies like dictators we have seen in the past, his idea was to rule through fear, parallel to his allegory in the Russian Revolution,
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