Minorities Argument Analysis

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other students at the same institutions”. This statement thus reads that the minorities admitted to these schools are not equipped with the means to succeed in the school because Affirmative Action had made it easier for them to get admitted. Although the admission standards are different for marginalized applicants under the use of Affirmative Action, they fail to understand that minority applicants can’t be held at the same standard as majority applicants that have had numerous advantages both educational and economically for years. In my personal situation, I come from a Hispanic working class family. My parents who migrated from Mexico haven’t even attained a middle school education; the resources to help me succeed in school have always been minimal since the beginning, seeing as I couldn’t depend on my parents to help guide me through the process. Yet through hard work I was able to persist through my education; I graduated High school with 3.5 GPA, I passed some advance placement courses, stayed on honor roll since middle school, and I even managed to play in my school’s advance music ensemble for four years but that wouldn’t be much when paired against a majority race applicant if we are both held at the same standard.…show more content…
Although my grades may not add up to those of majority race applicants the strides that I personal have made despite the multiple obstacles in my life show that I do means to attend a higher respect institution. Minorities have gone through a different path to gain higher education. Affirmative Action isn’t an easy ride for minorities to get a job or a degree, it’s meant to open doors to give these marginalized groups that have shown the earning need to grow the actual opportunity to do
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