Minorities In America Essay

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Hello, Charmissa, The debate on minorities and majorities seems to be the debate of who is classified as minorities and majorities We know the definition of a minority a group within a group that characteristics do not align with the larger portion of the group. The word minority is a separation from “the Norm” quote, unquote. The article you refer to “The Shifting Meaning Of 'Minority ' in America”, shows. Race as one of the areas of classification within a group or population. And the color line determines the minorities from the majority of a group of people, within certain areas. American history of slavery and taking the land from the Indians is where I see the color line beginnings, and it has been a continual issue within our society. But I also see African-Americans in literature trying to educate the readers about the…show more content…
So the census statistics must also come out of the box when asking someone their race. You must incorporate all people within the society and acknowledge that we area is melting pot of immigrants. Yes, certain areas have been submerged with a group of people who feel comfortable around those who are like them, in culture language and economic stability. Everyone has a story to tell and I agree that the minority writers are writing about their understanding of their culture, race, religions and other characterization of the people, The color line in minority literature portrays life as a black person. The African-American literature depicts the experiences of being a black within society that a reader has or has not experience. Frederick Douglas vividly wrote about the struggles that were endured because of the color line, and how a black man is perceived in society ( Douglass, 1881). The color line was a black and white issue during Douglas, and Dubois time but the color line today and in the future will be multi-
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