Minority Group Research Paper

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To what extent can a particular minority group be successfully integrated into society? Discuss.

In the global and interconnected world we live in, there are many different types of people belonging to different cultures, ethnicity and religion. However, in most places, a majority and a minority group almost always emerge. This can be good in some perspective, for example if the minority group stick together they can preserve their culture, not have many cultural clashes between people and they will feel more comfortable around people who are similar to them. However, these minority groups may become victims to abuse and/or discrimination into the society, and cannot be fully integrated with the majority.
Racism is one of the most common
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On the other hand, hidden discrimination is still common and since not many people know about it. There is not much rebellion or resistance against it. In a survey in the ‘Journal of Negro Education’, consisting of 92 whites and 180 black people, the people had to describe their emotions towards lower class ‘Whites’ and ‘Negroes’. The experiment concluded that whites are more or less defending, or using a nicer alternative to describe their emotions in the lower class. This was the same case for the blacks. However, when it came to the whites talking about the blacks, or vice versa, a high percentage of individuals use stronger or more critical language to describe the other race (A. Bayton, B. McAlister, & Hamer, n.d.). Though these thoughts are not placed in publicly identifiable, this can be seen as solid evidence for racism in our generations which occur due to personal prejudices and hence are treated…show more content…
A “nigger”, “coon”, etc. are just two of many other derogatory terms associated to directly attack the black people of the world with no counterpart against the white race. However there is criticism against use of these words. There are also some terms which aren’t even considered offensive, but are used to undermine and discriminate. The word “Negro” for example. The literal definition of this term is a dark-skinned person. However, if it is used by a white person against a black person the person of colour will take offense to this and refer to the white person as a racist. This shows how poorly the black society is treated and the word being turned into an insulting expression shows the amount of discrimination they face. On the other hand, if a black person uses it with another, then this term is considered to be a friendly term showing friendship between the two. White people then question of this being positive discrimination; that there are some terms they can’t use but black people
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