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Minority Report is a science fiction movie of Steven Spielberg’s to describe stopping crimes before they happen, inspired by a story of Philip D. Kick. It is a futuristic movie because the settings and timeline is in Washington D, C year 2054. Tom Cruise is John Aderston played the leading man as the chief of the Department of pre-crime in the distinct of Columbia, Collin Farell portrayed Danny Witwer as an agent from the United States Department of justice, Witwer has been sent to evaluate the system because the country is about to vote on wether to expand the pre-crime program nationally, Kathryn Morris played the role of John Anderston’s ex-wife, also the three precogs who have an abilities to see crime beforehand one of the three is…show more content…
John escaped before he will be caught by his team. Since everyone is subjected to Iris scans wherever they go, Anderton undergoes an eye transplant, while sleeping after the surgery, Anderton dreams about his son who vanished he was abducted by the swimming pool, Anderton removes Agatha from the precogs chamber. Anderton tracks down crows address and entered to his apartment to find a pile of photographs of children including his son, that time he realized that is no minority report in his case as a murderer, he soon discovered that Witwer and Burgess are accountable for it. Anderton thought of who’s going to be in the three framing him?
I think the theme of the movie focuses on jealousy, any government operation that is high-profile and successful inspires jealousy. Witwer seems to have doubt Anderston widom and jealous of its success. I am also inspired about Anderston strong personality that he tried to seek justice. Even when the procogs detect that Anderston will commit crime though it’s just a false prediction distorted by his enemies Anderston do not let this to let it in action but seeks evidences after he knew that it’s just planned, but for Witner and Burgess, villains acts tolerate jby their motives in position in

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