Minority Report Steven Spielberg

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Minority Report is an action-detective thriller film directed by Steven Spielberg set in Washington D.C, 2054.
Steven Spielberg has explored the theme of privacy in his film. This is displayed throughout numerous messages that Spielberg expresses in Minority Report. Some of the messages compare aspects of Minority Report to the current society. He also uses narrative elements and cinematic technique to explore the message about the theme.
Steven Spielberg explored the theme privacy in Minority Report. Different aspects of the film relate to privacy and displays the insignificant amount of privacy. Spielberg was able to accomplish this by using cinematic techniques which includes, camera shots and framing actors to enhance the privacy theme.
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For example, the spider bots are one of the main source of technology that prohibits privacy. Camera shots were practical in this situation as it allowed the audience to experience the terror and suspense. When John was attempting to hide from the spider bots the camera followed John underwater and zoomed into his face. This allowed the audience to experience the expression of terror on his face. The camera also displayed close ups when John was forcing his eye open for the bots to scan. Another cinematic technique that was used was framing the characters to enforce the intimate and feeling of someone spying on you. For example, near the beginning of the film a young boy was framed through a chair (refer to figure 1). This enhanced the feeling of someone spying on the boy and therefore adding to the theme of privacy. A narrative element that was used in relation to the theme privacy is the perspective of the film. It was based on John’s perspective which meant he was experiencing the 2054 society. The audience was able to encounter his side of the story and how he felt about the amount of privacy he experienced. Spielberg was able to show the audience that there’s two sides to privacy from making Minority Report based on John 's perspective. John didn’t think the complete pre-crime system evaded privacy as it helped put an end to violence. This narrative…show more content…
Which include, camera shots, framing actor 's, perspective, setting of the movie and the tone. Overall, the message Spielberg was transmitting through the devices and techniques in Minority Report is the future has a large possibility of having an inconsiderate amount of privacy. He expresses that people should be concerned about the amount of privacy that’s going to be available in the
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