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Constitutional Protection of Minority Rights in Bangladesh: Prospects and Challenges Background Before delving into the constitutional protection of minority rights, it is important to get an overview of the constitutional development in Bangladesh as a democratic country. The birth of Bangladesh is the result of the struggle against the long suppression of the dictators of West Pakistan in 1971 (Ahamed 2013). After the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, it has emerged as a democratic country through establishing its constitution where the core value of democracy and human rights has been enshrined as a fundamental goal and principle of state policy (Amin 2004, p.99). The constitution was portrayed with the aspiration of the people who fought…show more content…
And the aspiration was to be a secular democratic country free from all forms of exploitation. All these goals were enshrined in the constitution and promise for equality, liberty, and justice has also been guaranteed there (Sen 1974). The preamble of the constitution says that the fundamental aim of the State is to ensure human rights, equal rights for all citizens and rule of law through a democratic process (Constitution 1972). The basic feature of the constitution includes for directive principles consists of nationalism, socialism, democracy and secularism. With these basic principles and notions, the country started its journey as a secular democratic country in 1971. It is, therefore, obvious that there is no state religion in the original constitution of the country. This situation has changed dramatically, there are fifteen…show more content…
Therefore, secular notion of the Constitution has less impact on the increasing violation of minority rights in the country. From that standpoint of constitutional protection of human rights in Bangladesh, the paper will try to identify whether the constitution protects the minority rights in the country. Further, it will examine the reasons for violation of minority rights and the challenges of protecting minority rights in the country. The paper will also try to identify the prospects of ensuring minority rights in

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