Minority Stress Theory

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Minority stress identifies chronically high levels of stress faced by members of stigmatized minority groups. It may possibly be caused by a number of factors, including poor social support and low socioeconomic position, however the most well understood causes of minority stress are interpersonal bias and discrimination. Indeed, several scientific studies have proven that minority individuals experience a high degree of prejudice, which causes stress responses (e.g., high blood pressure, anxiety) that accrue over time, eventually leading to poor psychological and physical health. Minority stress theory summarizes these scientific studies to describe how difficult social situations lead to chronic stress and inadequate health among minority…show more content…
According to his concept, psychological wellbeing is classified in two terms, the positive and negative effect. It means that high level of psychological wellbeing correlates with high level of positive effect and vice versa. The positive and negative effects are not associated with each other but collectively the intensity of both controls the level of psychological wellbeing (as cited in Gurel, 2009). Ryff six dimensional theory of psychological wellbeing Ryff in 1989 formulated six dimensional theory to clarify the psychological well-being. According to Keyes and Ryff (1998) psychological wellbeing constructed eudemonic perspective and combined theories of psychological functioning, these are, • Rogers theory of fully functioning person, • Allport’s portrayal of maturity • Maslow’s theory of self actualization • Johoda’s mental health approach The Raff’s theory consists of the following six…show more content…
Individual with positive relationship shows sympathy, trustworthiness, love and more positive activities with societies (Blanchflower & Oswald, 2008). According to a research teachers performing are excellent with positive mental health and psychological wellbeing, teachers and communities play a good role to develop education (Silverman & La Greca, 2002).Teacher with psychological wellbeing have the abilities to control the educational atmosphere as well as the community by its dynamic skills (Sheldon, Ryan, Deci, & Kasser, 2004). Teachers with psychological well-being have a goal of life and they are capable of how to achieve goal, it means that person identified the meaning of life (Roothman, Kirsten, & Wissing, 2003). Models of psychological wellbeing • Peterson (2010) found that different psychologist have worked on manipulating abnormal emotional states, psychological distress and other abnormal actions. Many theories have also introduced therapies and cure of psychological distress.
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