Minority Student Scholarship Essay

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When I began the Minority Student Program (“MSP”), I had expectations that through the program I would gain insight into the requirements for success in law school. I was grateful that I was selected to participate, because I wanted to be fully prepared for the first semester. Fortunately, MSP introduced me to the law school community, allowed me to build relationships with my peers, and enabled me to thrive from the first day of classes and beyond. The program has made a tremendous impact on my first semester of law school. Additionally, I was welcomed into a community with a scope beyond the current MSP students and faculty.
On the first day of MSP Orientation, I was very excited to be on the campus early, meet people, and get mentally
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One of the alumni from the networking panel invited myself and a few other students to lunch, during which she gave us advice. Her act of kindness made me feel extremely grateful to be a part of MSP. The alumni have demonstrated their support of the MSP students.
An improvement to MSP would be to help increase the program’s social media presence and diverse participants. I am willing to start a LinkedIn group for the current MSP students, in order to create a larger professional network. Within the LinkedIn page, we could share job opportunities, network with alumni, and connect with organizations that support diversity in the legal field. As a student and an alumna I can help increase the number of diverse students in the program by speaking with prospective students about my experience, both at the school and at diversity events.
Overall, participating in MSP has been a rewarding experience. Through the program, I have joined an inner circle within the law school community. This program has made my transition into the role of a law student seamless. As an alumna, I plan to contribute my time and talents to the future success of the program and MSP students. In summary, the program made my first semester of law school challenging and rewarding
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