Minority Students Overcoming Obstacles In College

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There are a lot of obstacles students face when trying to college and going to college,

sometimes these obstacles involve how counseling and emotional support is out of the question

and other reasons are fall into the category of not having too much money to afford school or if

they could afford college through scholarships they still struggle with meeting their basic needs.

Students lots of minority students face constant oppression because of students face

discouragement and this can lead students down two roads, sometimes to regret and misery.

Minorities have never really grasp the opportunity of getting a higher education because these

students are always discouraged from dreaming of college, making
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In Educating The Excluded by Margret Hart an argument was stated by Carmen Ramirez

a oppressed CSULA student who later became a student activist said that ”I go to meetings with

professional people, I guess they are too young to remember these things that I can remember

when all of the chicano students were being told, the Latino students ‘you should really should

think about becoming a mechanic. Pg20’. This shows that minority students had been had their

choices limited to favor the upper class by making minories believe that we need them but in

reality the upper class needs us for cheap labor. It used to be a dream of seeing minority students

on university grounds but however the system that we have now will only an always benefit only

the rich because in this society we will always be discriminated against until someone takes a

stand. In another quote by Carmen Ramirez interview she also said that”I grew up knowing that

people of certain backgrounds just were going to have a better chance at everything in
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