Minors Should Be Tried As Adults Essay

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Minors should be tried as adults because they made the same mistakes as adults. If they had the guts to break the law, they should have the responsibility to face what they did. Age does not matter because it's just a number. What matters the most is for justice to be served how it's supposed to be. I feel if a child decides to make a huge life changing decision they should have to suffer the consequences. If their crime is something little and they don't have a criminal background, then no I don't think they should be. Lionel Tate was thirteen was left alone with Tiffany Eunick, who was being babysat by Tate's mother, Kathleen Grossett-Tate. The children were downstairs playing, Tate's mother called to them to be quiet because she was taking a nap. Soon later Tate went up stairs to tell his mom that Eunick was not breathing. Then he proceeded to tell his mom that she fell asleep and she had fallen off the couch and bumped her head on the table. When the investigator started to investigate he invited Mr. Tate and what the investigator found out is that the two were wrestling. So the investigator asked what moves did he use Tate demonstrated on the investigator. This was an absolutely brutal beating, that left poor Tiffany with 35 injuries. Amongst them, Tiffany…show more content…
The boy were truant from school and were caught stealing but then. They lured James out of a shopping center and took him to a railway line, where he was beaten with bricks and iron bar. On there way to the railroad they tried to push him into the middle of the road then the also tried to push him into the canlle they were goanna walk pass. They had taken James on a 4.0 mile walk while holding his hand .Both boy tried to choking James with ruler around his neck. Then they had made it seem like the little boy had gone and got killed accidently. But were then caught for there wrong
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