Minou Mirabal Character Analysis

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The Mirabal sisters are three revolutionaries, who were greatly involved in the overthrow of Rafael Trujillo, the dreadful dictator in the Dominican Republic. These courageous sisters at a young age observed countless flaws in Trujillo's regime, including his overpowering nature and the establishment of numerous unjust reforms. Moreover, the Mirabals recognised that it was their obligation to assist and support this revolution in order to terminate this terrible regime, so the sisters immersed themselves into the revolution becoming, Las Mariposas. The sisters were obliged to abandon their children and eventually sacrificed their own lives for this rebellion. However, the sisters are viewed as selfish by numerous people because they abandoned …show more content…

The Mirabals were obligated to depart from their young children who remained with Dede, the eldest sister, in order to challenge the tyrannical regime. During my venture in the Dominican Republic, I got the wonderful opportunity to interview Minou Mirabal, Minerva Mirabal’s daughter, who is also a senator in the Dominican Republic. Minou during the interview established that she was certainly appreciative for her mother’s bravery, because her life along with countless others immensely improved due to their sacrifices. If the Mirabal sisters didn't take these risks their children would have grown up in a country lacking various liberties. Furthermore, Minou understands that her mother had to relinquish her as a child, to provide an exceptional life for her daughter, family, and country.
Another enormous sacrifice made by the three Mirabal sisters is their own lives, on November 25 1960, Trujillo’s henchmen murdered the Mirabal sisters for participating in the revolution. The death of Las Mariposas definitely inspired their companions from the revolution to permanently end the disastrous regime and kill Trujillo. The sisters were willing to risk everything for the Fourteenth of June Movement, the heroic actions made during these valiant women's lives absolutely changed the Dominican Republic

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