Analysis Of Minyoung Kim's 'Cellular Phone'

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In the propaganda poster “Cellular phone,” Minyoung Kim accentuates the idea of how people are dominated by excessive uses of technology. In the poster, Kim illustrates an image of a human figure confined in a “cell” phone. The poster well depicts the lives of people in modern society which tend to rely on technology. “Cellular phone” is a poster that is directed towards impressionable people who cannot detach from technology and extricate themselves from addiction. Kim anchors the importance of controlling oneself against technology as the message by emphasizing how technological domination is equally bad as being imprisoned.
Through this poster, the author expresses how the domination of technology may lead to isolation through a theme of
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By emphasizing the word “Cell” in the title “Cellular phone”, Kim communicates how people deprived of gadgets and technology are isolated just as if they are immured in a prison cell. By this, the author illustrates how social isolation is characterized through exposing oneself to excessive hours of technology. With a sharp tone, Kim argues that even though technology can be used as an immediate social support system, it would eventually lead to a gradual breakdown of interest in developing relationships. This hints the author intention to depict the lack of social bonds that results from isolation, in which the people find difficulties in building relationships. In contrast, by adding illustrations of helpful applications in the background of the phone, the author asserts how technology may bring favorable consequences. By stressing on the fact technology has brought people convenience, Kim delivers how technology can be a valuable resource amongst human. The author asserts how technology can be a great tool in improving our quality of living, through various means such as, but not limited to, internet and social media. However, the author thoroughly emphasizes the significance of moderation by attracting the audience’s sight on the iron bars that are drawn above those useful programs. Through this, Kim conveys how it is important to find a balance between the virtual world and reality. The author’s tone of criticism which creates irony contradicts the aforementioned tone of sharpness. Kim uses “cell” as a tool to convey various messages. By criticizing how people are under the control of technology, the author conveys how technology addiction is inevitable if the ability to control oneself is absent. However, in another perspective, the author creates hope by portraying the phone as a “cell”. Through
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