Mira Costa College Math Trial Report

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For the math trial my group and I decided to take on this project at Mira Costa College. At Mira Costa College, we specifically focused on an object that is seen quite often in schools and in Mira Costa too. The object is a water fountain, which is very common to see and have at any kind of school. The water fountain we focused on was the one located very close to our classroom near the restrooms and vending machines. We chose to do our Math Trail at this location because of timing and unexpected changes of the group. However, we were to work together and would all agree that under these circumstances we were able to accomplish the math trail successfully. Since our location was Mira Costa College as students we typically come across water fountains many times and concluded that it would present several mathematical features. With an agreement, we wanted to determine the velocity by developing questions such as what would be the speed of the water to touch the base and what would be the time for the water from the knob to hit the base of the water fountain. The measurements…show more content…
When we got all the measurements we were then needed to calculate it together that was done with some additional help from the Math Learning Center. I knew that the math Trail would have some difficulties like where can you find math but I was impressed from the outcome because we were able to work through and receive effective results. If I were informed to perform another math trail I would absolutely pick another location because I think the beach or park would offer the mathematical features in a different perspective. Overall, I was able to connect with this project by being notified that math is displayed everyday in my life. As a group we can all agree that you will always be able to use or find math on the expected and the

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