Mirabal Sisters In Trujillo's Extreme Sacrifice

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It can be said without question that the Mirabal sisters made extreme sacrifices in the name of social justice. They gave up their time, their energy, their families, their safety, and finally, their lives. But did those sacrifices really make a difference? After all, they were killed before they could see Trujillo’s regime topple. And the sisters arguably did little to impact Trujillo’s reign and his assassination several months after their deaths.

Indeed, it was not justified for the Mirabal sisters to make the significant sacrifices they made. The payoffs, if there were any, did not come close to compensating for the pain and suffering they brought upon themselves and their families along with their ultimate deaths. Two of the unnecessary hardships they endured before their pointless deaths, among numerous others, were Minerva giving up her child in order to join the revolution and
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Patria was the only one spared, besides Dedé, who never joined her sisters in the revolution. (Wasn’t that a wise choice?) Before arresting Patria’s husband and son, the secret police ravage their home, tearing apart everything they own and burning the remains. This is one example of the evil tactics the secret police used in order to spread fear and prevent the Dominicans from rebelling. After witnessing the life she built being burned to the ground and her husband and only son snatched away from her, Patria collapses, crying, tearing up the grass at her feet, and wailing up to the heavens in grief. But this instance was only the beginning. Soon, her sisters would follow, and Patria would be left all alone, not knowing when or if her loved ones would be released, her hopes for the revolution crushed. If only she and her sisters had not joined the underground movement, they would have been spared the pain and sorrow that would never be paid
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