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A. Description of the child For this activity, Mirabella will be the name used to identify the subject. Mirabella is not her correct name. I am using the name Mirabella to protect the identity of the child who participated in these activities. Mirabella has been in the United States’ educational system for two years. She currently attends a school within the Pinson feeder pattern. During the school day, she is provided with ample support to increase her English proficiency level. She lives with her parents and some extended family. Mirabella is of Hispanic descent, but her exact nationality was not identified. She is friendly and social within the school setting. She is more comfortable within her particular peer group and rarely engages…show more content…
Example: “Can I play with Jane at her house now (Clay,2007)?” was repeated as “Can I play with her at her house now?” The most noticeable issue was the omission of articles. She often left out the article “the”. An example is “Is the truck by the gate red or green(Clay,2007)?” This question became “Is the truck by gate red or green?” 7. Mirabella was suspicious of the activity before we started. She was hesitant to proceed with the activity. Once she began the activity, she immediately relaxed. She smiled a lot with a little giggle. I was not sure if it was nerves or just a habit of her. 8. Mirabella was well below the mean listed on page 48 or ROL. Her scores were very low as a whole. Levels Sentences were scored as Level 2 (Parts 1 and 2) equaled 2 out of 14 and Level 1(Parts 1 and 2) resulted in a score of 10 out of 14. 9. Mirabella’s scores in questions, negatives, phrases and clauses were very low. This shows an inconsistency with the analysis of the ROL…show more content…
This allows children to build on what they already know (p. 135).” This is the rational for choosing Wide Reading as a format for Mirabella. “Regular daily reading is necessary if students are to continue to mature as readers. But wide reading is particularly important in building the academic background knowledge that is a prerequisite for learning within the various content disciplines(WEAC,2014). The format for Wide Reading within this classroom structure would promote prior knowledge, autonomy, diversity, and routine. The routines are incorporated by the consistency of reading every morning. Mirabella and her classmates will be expected to enter the classroom and begin reading. Every Friday afternoon, each student will be provided with the opportunity to access a book of their choice. The books are based on multiple topics, which will allow for more diversity within the reading materials. Some week’s books will be chosen from the classroom library, brought from home, or from a visit to the school’s Media Center. By allowing students to identify their particular book, you are providing each student with autonomy, which leads to the ownership of their education. By including prior knowledge, autonomy, diversity and routine, I will be able to determine the needs of my students, “This awareness provides you with knowledge of each child’s zone of proximal

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