Review Of The Book 'Miracle At Midway' By Charles Mercer

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The book “Miracle at Midway” written by Charles Mercer really fascinated me about the Battle of Midway. Charles Mercer used this book to describe the detailed work American did to beat Japan at Midway. This book was approximately 150 pages and included many pictures that were very familiar to what the reader was imagining in their own head. The author Charles Mercer served as an intelligence officer in the Pacific. He then was called to active duty in the Korean War. After his postwar career he became an editor with a book publishing house in New York. This book is a fairly easy read and can be considered to booksellers as a book for younger teens to read. This book is filled with with many historical facts about leading up to the battle and during the battle. The first half of the book is filled with details about the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and the battle of the Coral Sea. The second half of the book describes the lives of the commanders and the challenges they must overcome. Then the book ends with the battle of Midway and the victory the United States accomplished. Mercer started the book out describing the surprise attack Japan did on Pearl Harbor. He describes the regular Sunday…show more content…
I have never heard of the Battle of the Coral Sea before so I was intrigued with this chapter. The author, Charles Mercer wrote a very detailed description on this battle and how aircraft was a big factor lost during this battle. This battle was the first carrier vs. carrier battle to occur in history. I thought this was a very important topic that Mercer wrote about because this was the first time that the allies stopped the Japanese from advancing. After Mercer did an amazing job describing this turning point in the battle, he added around 10 pages of pictures. I really enjoyed seeing these pictures because it made the story more to life because it made me visualize what was actually

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