Miracle In The Movie: Milagro Beanfield War

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The term “Milagro” in the movie entitled “Milagro Beanfield War” is a Spanish word which means “miracle”. Miracle is such an interesting word which can convey different meaning to us. Some people do not believe in miracle as they feel that miracles are acts beyond the nature of laws, but some people do. Nevertheless, in this movie, miracle plays a vital role in helping the poverty-stricken Hispanic community in Mexico to fight against the aristocratic developer. The developer thought they’ll be able to develop the lands without much protest from the community due to its jurisdiction of the local water rights. However, the developer’s efforts to expand the lands are thwarted. No one can predict the insurmountable amount of miracles that transpired in the village actually do much help abetting the villagers to fight for their rights. In this movie, miracle means survival, achievement and helps in the context of Joe Mondragon. Miracle signifies survival. In the beginning of the movie, Joe Mondragon who lives in poverty faces copious amount of difficulties to find a job. He is immensely irate as his job request to work for the Devine is rejected. With much frustration, he visits his father’s beanfield. No one can prognosticate that the impecunious Joe Mondragon under immense rage will inadvertently break the sluice and allow water to irrigate his beanfield, which in turn provides him a great opportunity to earn a living. Despite perceiving the fact his action of irrigating

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