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Miracle on 49th street To start off I would give more detail into how her mom dies and what actually went on with her specifically through the book she talks about when her mom was sick and how her mom wrote letter but that 's so it leaves you kind of confused about why her mom wrote and what was happening to her mom that made her so sick. Then what gets me is she hides in the back of a famous basketball player’s car. Who does that? It’s creepy and just wrong to hide in someone 's car, just to talk to them. If I were that guy I would call the cops and kick her out of the car not bring her home and treat her like it 's alright to do that. Because it’s not alright to hide in someone car, so I think the idea of him being alright with this is a little farfetched for a book that 's trying to be realistic. I feel that when he told her to…show more content…
I loved how Mike made these characters, in particular Mattie and Josh’s manager. Mattie gets developed as a mom figure through her actions of making Josh talk to molly saying what Jos is supposed to say if he doesn 't say it. She watches over Molly and Josh as their relationship grows supporting it and always keeping Josh in check so he doesn 't do anything stupid or anything to upset Molly. One scene in particular is when Molly brings a present Mattie that night goes and buys a present for Molly and makes Josh get a present even though Molly said that Josh didn’t know she had a present. Also Josh manager He is created as a cold blooded guy. Money over family, money over the truth. He was deceptive and used his words, and was very manipulative when talking to Molly. He had his purpose to make money for himself, which meant keeping Josh out of a relationship, keeping Molly out of Josh 's life. He does this in the meanest of ways saying that Josh wants you but what 's better for his is for you to leave and not be with him, and if you truly care for him you will just leave. This cruel character is what Mike created and he created

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