Miracle Work Learning Styles

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Learning Styles In the movie The Miracle Work we see how Anne Sullivan teaches Helen using a various form of learning to teach her how to community with other, but it wasn’t easy. At six months, Helen Keller suffered from a fever that left her blind and deaf. Anne helped her get out of her world of darkness and silence. Helen has been unable to communicate with her family except through temper tantrums since her illness took her three senses from her .She is allowed to eat with her hands, knock over or break anything and mainly do whatever else she wishes. All of this while being viewed at with pity by her family. Her family loves her but they are all convinced that she needs help. but they think that no one can’t help her. Her family perceive her as a child with the intelligence of an animal who will never learn anything. She was been rewarded with candy when she throws a tantrum. He father is headed towards that idea that is best for her to be institutionalization in a sanitarium. When Anne Sullivan…show more content…
This scene she used classical condition, whenever she had a chance she would repeatedly spelled the word. Also when Anne first arrive in the house and she was unpacking and she gave her a doll, she relatedly spell the world doll, she didn’t give her the object until she spelled the word doll. Another form of learning was view in the film was operant conditioning in the scene where they all about to eat breakfast and Helen was walking around the table taking food from all the plates. in this very exhausted scene, when she didn’t let her get her way and sat her down to eat from her own plate. This took her lots of determination and consistence in Anne part. If Helen sat down she would let her eat from her plate if not she wouldn’t let her have a bit of food. After chasing her around the room for a long period she got the
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