Miracle Worker Motivation

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To be an inspirational teacher you need to have pride in what you do. In the Miracle Worker, The Story Of Ron Clark, and Freedom Writers, inspirational people were told about. These teachers were inspirational to their student(s) because they gave their student(s) a role model to look up to. All of these stories taught amazing lessons about learning, behavior, and so much more. Even though some of these teachers had their ups and downs, they still pushed through and met their goals to help their student(s). Here are some examples of how these teachers inspired their student(s) to be what they are today. In the Miracle Worker, Helen Keller, a blind, deaf, and mute child opens up to her miracle, Annie Sullivan. Sullivan, half blind herself tries to set the wild child free. All of Helen’s family members doubted Sullivan because she was so young. If Sullivan weren’t there then Helen would 've ended up in an asylum. Sullivan was such an inspirational teacher because even though Helen didn’t really pay attention…show more content…
Not everyone got the help that Clark’s students got. Most of the time the students wouldn’t pay attention to what Clark was teaching. Instead of teaching in a “boring” or “old fashioned” way, he made learning fun. For example, he would ask a question and if they got it right he would drink one carton of milk. The main reason why Clark was so inspirational was how he believed in each one of his students. He loved his students individually, but all at the same time. His students weren’t the best, but he knew deep down inside all of them that they wanted to be “smart” and he was willing to help them. All he wanted was for the students to go beyond sky level, he wanted them to reach for the stars and keep going because the road they are on will never stop unless you make it
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