Miranda Vs. Arizona Case Study

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Many years ago, the first organized American Police Department system was started in Boston, in 1838. (Dempsey & Forst, 20120 p. 7). The Boston Police Department provided 24 hour service which, was funded by the New York legislature. Most of the policeman on the force had little to no training but that changed over time as the importance of law enforcement in society became more prominent. As time progressed so did the police department 's use of technology to better equip the officers with easier means to do their jobs. The use of motorcycles took over the use of cars because they were so easy to maintain and they were smaller and faster, also radios were used on the job for communication between officers. Although many mistakes have been made throughout policing history, we have been able to improve law enforcement dramatically by innovating new ideas and skills to the current system by trial and error. One big method of improvement in law enforcement is shown in the case of Ernesto Miranda Vs. The State of Arizona. Prior to the police interrogations, the defendant has the right to be informed of their rights to an attorney and…show more content…
Although the Miranda Rights have helped many people throughout their cases, it has also hurt the police departments all across America. After the Miranda Rights were enforced to be used after arresting, the number of confessions from suspects fell sixteen percentage points. It also affected the number of cases solved because the suspects no longer confessed about the wrong they did so there were large number of cases that never gotten solved. Many crimes were let unsolved and they dramatically fell in numbers like the cases of violent crimes solved dropped 25% and property crimes solved fell as well. To put the numbers in perspective , if the Miranda rights weren 't put into place between 8,000 to 36,000, or more robberies would have been solved in 1995 according to Paul Cassell, that 's a lot of robberies that could have been

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