Miraya Leadership Style

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On August 17, 2010, Miraya arrives to Camelback High for the first day of her freshmen year. Leaving her homeland in India behind, she now adapts to a new language and culture entirely among the United States. She graduates valedictorian of her class, four years subsequent to her introduction of this foreign land. After her high school experience concludes, she advances her education at the University of Arizona to which she aspires a master 's degree in early childhood education. Her ultimate goal remains to guide others to success. However, among this story, the abundance of teachers who help Miraya prosper, experience no recognition for her achievement. Regardless, they continue to mentor additional students. Without a reward, what encourages…show more content…
Inspirational characters incite the desire to fulfill other lives of prosperity. Commonly, the passion the advisor radiates enables the student to absorb such connection. This assertion creates the instance "when his work is done [and] this aim fulfilled”, which produces a new, miniature model of the original leader. Similarly, the responsibility of assisting members of a class or group fulfills the aim because it additionally completes the work or duty. In every band, a director fills a position of authority, from the moment the baton conducts the ensemble until the dismissal of rehearsal. Through the course of the school year, the band director teaches the ensemble to not only construct an instrument, but also to produce harmonic sounds that when played properly produce beautiful, passionate songs. The experience then builds a strong love in that individual for the art, which then makes the student desire a leadership position like their…show more content…
Tzu 's statement portrays the ideal reasoning for the most beneficial and effectual leader. By accepting no need for gratitude, promoting further initiative and inciting success, the strongest guides appear. These guides, then, inspire other growing
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