Miriam Is The Caged Bird Essay

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Do you think Odessa is the Caged Bird or do you think Miriam is the caged bird due to men telling them what to do? In the “ Long Walk Home” Odessa and Miriam are women but Odessa is a woman of a color. Miriam’s husband is a racist he and his brother. They don’t want MIriam becoming one of them or helping them. During the bus boycott Miriam picks up Odessa every other day. Miriam becomes interested in the carpools to take the African Americans to work, including Odessa. Miriam’s husband finds out by his brother showing him. There was a big riot of white men trying to stop the carpools. The African American women started to sing and the white men did not know what to do so they just left. Miriam and her daughter Mary Katherine sung with the women of color. I think that Odessa and Miriam are the caged bird in the story because they are women but what makes it even worse is that Odessa is women of color which makes it harder on her they both get told to do and they can’t do things freely like the bird able to fly anywhere and do anything. The free bird sings while the caged bird sits while its wings are clipped doing nothing. Like the caged bird Odessa is told to do by everyone in the town mostly by Miriam and her husband her bosses. Miriam is not a free bird though she is a caged bird also she…show more content…
The free birds in “The Long Walk Home” was Miriam’s husband Norman and his brother. They have all the power they can possess they will tell a woman or woman color what to do in a minute and take two thoughts about it they do not get told what to do they do what they want when they want. Norman doesn’t know that when he is being racist it is wrong. Norman and his brother were not really told what to do they only tell others like women and women of color what to do, where to sit, what to eat, what to clean, how to talk, how to dress. That is why the white men are the Free bird in the
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