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At Travelstart Nigeria, many things give us inspiration and get us more excited to travel. Foods, luxury destinations, travel quotes, photos, and of course movies have a way of eliciting wanderlust in us – leaving us with a strong desire to visit places we’ve would love to explore. There are Nollywood movies that would make you laugh until you crack your ribs, and then inspire you for your next vacation.

Travelstarters picked out their favourite Nollywood movies, which have made them want to set out on a voyage across the globe. After seeing these movies, you would want to book a flight the next day and head to the destinations they showcase.

These movies are based on people who dared to experience and explore life in some unusual ways.
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If you love quality movies, then Genevieve Nnaji and Edward Kagutuzi’s performances in Mirror Boy will knock you out. This movie is about a British boy who struggled with life in London and was taken back to the land of his mother’s birth – The Gambia, to experience a magical African living. It paints a vibrant picture of the beautiful country – The Gambia, capturing its sheer vastness and supernatural magnificence. Even if you’ve seen this movie before, you will discover something more when you watch it again.

Baby Oku in America
One thing is for sure, this movie will make you throw off the shackles and head to the United States. It may not be a characteristic movie based on travel, but it is about people who caught in the trap of a repetitious and persuasive life but went on a real adventure to experience in a wide-ranging way. Mercy Johnson did well by giving the movie a fascinating outlook with her exultant piquancy of style. The movie capture the fast pace of life in America, picturesque scenery, stunning attractions and the idea of seeing the ways Nigerians live their lives in America will inspire you to take a trip to the
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