Mirror By Sylvia Plath Essay

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'Poetry says more about the psychic life of an age than any other art. Poetry is a place where all the fundamental questions are asked about the human condition'. These words by Charles Simic are true. Poetry express' the very concept of being human in a way unlike to any other form of art. Poetry allows us to express ourselves. Poetry creates magic when it allows a person to recongise a thought or feeling they have experienced through the words of somebody else.

Poetry grants us with the tools to bring our personal thoughts and experiences to life. The use of poetic techniques such as form, imagery, symbolisim, methaphors, similes and personification allow the poet to translate these experiences to the reader. These techniques enable the reader to create a world in their mind. This essay will use the poem 'Mirror' by Sylvia Plath (p.203,
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Her inner self. This phrase is better suited to the image of a lake as a lake physically has more depth than a mirror. It almost incites you to create an image of a women plunging into water searching for herself.

'Metaphorically Plath calls the moon and the candles liars, because they do not give the precise truth like the mirror... Those liars show to her a deceptive image by hiding wrinkles, and other companions of the aging process.' (Ukessays (2003)). By desorting the image these 'liars' (Astley, 2002, p.203) allow the woman to believe that the image is something other than what it truely is.

The lake causes the woman to experiences great discomfort 'even though, (it) performs its duty as a mirror, the woman is not pleased with what she sees. She feels sad and angry, thus leading to ‘tears and an agitation of hands’. Sad, because she is growing old and angry, because she is unable to do anything about it.' (Beaming Notes, ). She feels
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