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Autumn First movement of Rocking Mirror Day break, Toru Takemitsu The piece includes many elements makes it sounds mysterious, elements such as timbre, dynamics, tempo change, and short silences, however, the opening theme which is the primary theme of this movement appears throughout the movement and holds it together. In addition, Taksemitsu used subsets derived from octatonic scale, and due to the nature of the octatonic scale, any transition or inversion of this sets might leads to other octatonic scales, so the three octatonic scales also holds the piece together. Form: Autumn has three sections ABC followed by coda. The first section mm. 1-20 included three phrases, followed by 5 measures transition phrase mm.21-25, in the transition …show more content…

was at m 46 also in triplets. Example 2: primary theme recurrences m 10 11 42 46 Transition of the prime theme, The first transition (T2) of the primary theme heard hidden in m. 26, and played by both violin. The first two notes played by the 1st violin Eb, D, and the last three notes of the theme C B and Ab played by the 2nd violin. N.O. [8.e.0.2.3] as showed in example 5. This theme was hidden again in mm46-47, and it is related to the prime form by (T3I). This transition starts with the last note of m 46 where the primary theme just being heard in its normal order. In addition it was presented in triplet with a normal order [2,3,5,6,9]. Example 3. [] m26 46 47 The last transition of the primary theme found at last two measures in the movement in a slow motion, and this transition related to the primary theme by T8. Example 9. Octatonic

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