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A high school sophomore named Collin Palmer composed a letter disagreeing with Deb- orah King’s predominant argument that we shouldn’t go overboard with celebrity obsession. He claims that “...it’s only human nature” (1). I agree with Palmer on several of his notions. How- ever, celebrity obsession has gotten out of hand and impacts us negatively. People mirror the ac- tions of celebrities with bad reputations. Also, fans need to live their own lives, and not celebri- ties lives.

A majority of the world’s celebrities have a bad influence on their viewers. Some fans copy celebrities’ actions because they want to fit in and be popular. Deborah King describes this as “The Mirror Effect” in her article, “The Impact Celebrities Have on Our Lives” (4). There is an exception in some cases because they might copy positive role models like Shakira, who does a lot of charity work. Other times, they may mirror the actions of celebrities that give off a nega- tive influence. For example, King states that “...Winona Ryder has been arrested and convicted of shoplifting…” (1). Some fans would then assume that shoplifting is acceptable, even though it’s the wrong thing to do. In addition, she explains that “...Mel Gibson has a
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In his letter, “A Healthy Obsession,” Collin Palmer states that “It’s fun to know if Justin Bieber is da- ting Selena Gomez, or whether Lindsay Lohan really made it out of rehab” (1). I agree with the amusement of celebrity news, but some fans get too caught up in gossip and become obsessed. Also, Palmer claims that he’d “...rather bond with someone over the latest antics of a celebrity than all the dark topics in the news” (1). Although the subjects about celebrities are more fasci- nating, some celebrities’ bad choices influence us to make the same mistakes. In the end, I agree with several of Palmer’s notions, but I mainly oppose his
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