Mirror In The Bathroom

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There are bathrooms of all types, sizes, styles, simple or luxurious, primarily practical environments or true odes to pleasure and beauty. However, none of them can give up some elements essential to this space and to its most primordial function. A large mirror is indispensable in any bathroom so that we can accompany our rituals of beauty and hygiene at the level of the face. It therefore has to be properly illuminated, ensuring the correct realization of these practices. Another necessary thing is the sink cabinet, which holds hygiene and beauty products and houses the water source that helps us clean the face and hands. Also other cabinets, shelves and niches accommodate products, towels, appliances and other objects that we use in…show more content…
Of course, smaller bathrooms can have mirrors proportional to the environment, but it is fundamental that there is a mirror especially in these smaller bathrooms, as it has the quality of passing the sensation of space amplitude. In addition, a mirror provides brightness and lightness to the space, making it pleasant to be. But the main reason for having a mirror in the bathroom is practical: assist in the rituals of hygiene and beauty, allowing you to follow the process of makeup or shaving. The right lighting makes all the difference: in the project of Tania Bertolucci Associated Architects , there is the combination of natural light and artificial light and lighting design that makes the light homogeneous in the environment, smooth but…show more content…
Because? Probably taboo, since the toilet waste basket refers to the disposal of used toilet paper, which reminds us of the triviality of our physiological needs. Culturally in Brazil, most homes have a basket in the bathroom for this purpose. The most frequent excuse is that the papers clog the pipes. Now in France, in other European countries and even in India, people would be horrified to put the used papers in trash cans. Regardless of your hygiene habits, however, the wastebasket in the bathroom has its function: receiving the disposal of numerous things, such as product packaging, cotton, cotton swab, Empty bottles of beauty products, among others. The wastebasket can simply receive recyclable products, making it easy to dispose of waste. Another basket that is useful, if there is room in the bathroom, is the basket of dirty clothes, which concentrates these pieces in one place before going to the washing

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