Mirror Lie To Me Analysis

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Mirror Mirror, Lie to Me The reflection tells no tales, no lies and is not my friend. The bald truth is that I struggle with writing. I struggle getting my thoughts together in a cohesive understandable and organized direction. In my head, I can see my writing as a beautiful, living, and breathing work, but expressing my vision into words is painful and awkward. For example, in my essay, Writing: Just Spit it Out Already, the visual sarcasm drips from the pixels but it is confusing and has no definitive path. In reviewing, Writing: Just Spit It Out Already! and A Modern Cougar, along with reviewing personal experiences; I can see the struggles of my writing because clichés, metaphors and idioms clog the flow of for the reader. Like with Writing: Just Spit it Out! I can see that I use creative innuendos to display my point, but that can come off as confusing references if not already understood. I reference everything from The Simpsons to Siegfried and Roy. The struggle of getting my brain to the straight and narrow as well as keeping on that narrow…show more content…
Then with avoiding the confusion that comes with certain innuendos improves the quality of writing and the affect it has on the readers. Innuendoes and sarcastic phrases can go wrong so fast, and avoiding these can make the relations with friends, co-workers, even professors less fraught with pitfalls. Though the sarcasm and innuendoes make my writing colorful it can misconstrue my purpose. For instance, in a Modern Day Cougar I say “Some women exchange their bonds for animal print and glitter, but we all retain our inner ROAR as expressed in the song, I am women by Helen Reddy” which is referring to how some women take that power to the club wearing the bedazzled, attention grabbing uniforms but still retain the ROAR of the inner
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