Mischa's Friends In A Short Story Analysis

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Friends are important. They are always good to have around and they can be everything to you. But what does really happen when complications come? Can you overcome them and stay friends? The composition of the story is after the traditional plot structure. This story has an exposition, a ris-ing action, a climax, a falling action, and a resolution. The exposition of the story is found in the beginning, where you get introduced to Mischa and Clara, who are the two main characters. Clara talks about how she first went up to Mischa and how their friendship began. After that in the middle part of the story, you find the rising action, where you look more into the friendship between Mischa and Clara. It’s here where you get some information about Mischa’s background. That he moved with his mother from Moscow when he was only nine years old. That his mother is always working in the lab and hasn’t dated anyone since Mischa’s father left them when Mischa was very young. Therefore, the friends spend a lot of their time at Mischa’s house. Here they can do whatever they want. They can listen to music, drink or do drugs. It doesn’t seem like any of the parents know what Mischa and Clara are doing when they are alone. The story’s falling action is found after Clara and Mischa leave Renaude’s house. Both of them go back to Clara’s house, where Clara’s mother is wait-ing for them and she welcomes them kindly. Here the reader realizes that Clara has actually been lying to her mother about

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