Examples Of Misconceptions In Psychology

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Article: Students’ Misconceptions in Psychology: How You Ask Matters…Sometimes By Annette Kujawski Taylor and Patricia Kowalski Snehapriya Bharatha (Student) AU ID: 3300007 PSYC 290 Journal Article Critique 1 Melissa Hendry October 10, 2016 I. Research Question or Problem The problem being investigated is clearly stated. The purpose of this study was to determine which one of the two tests (1. True /False or 2. Forced choices) are better to determine the accuracy of a misconception. This article also tested to see the accuracy between these two tests (Taylor & Kowalski, 2012, pp. 63 – 665). II. Introduction The introduction of this article presents an overview of the problem. The author wants to accurately finding a misconception,
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