Misconception Of Being In The Marine Corps

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Many high school students often wonder what they are going to do after graduation. Some might go to college, others will go straight to the work force while a small amount will join military forces. One of these military forces the Marines will be discussed in this essay. It will inform others on what it takes to be a Marines how to prepare, and how being in the Marines may be able to help further your education. This will also inform about what your options in the Marines are. The purpose of the Marines is to develop quality citizens as leaders. It also teaches people how to fight for the nation by land, air and sea to protect its citizens and ensure their quality of life around the world. In an excerpt from the oath to enlist, it states,…show more content…
During an interview with Sergeant Cody Vaquea he was asked a variety questions and the Marine Corps and these were his responses. Q: What is a difficult aspect of being in the Marine Corps?” Sargent Vaquera: “leadership is probably the most difficult aspect in being in the Marines. Every Marine/person is different and i have to find a different way to lead mentor and communicate with superiors peers or civilians”. Q: What is the biggest misconception of being in the Marine Corps Sargent Vaquera: “The biggest misconception is that people think we’re all brawns and no brains, just a bunch of muscle when really strategy and sophistication is all knowledge. Learning from the past and applying new techniques from mistakes we’ve made before improves on keeping America safe”. Q: What is the most important thing other people should know or understand about the Marine Corps? Sargent Vaquera: The mission of the Marine Corps is to make Marines win our country 's battles and most importantly help you become a better quality citizen. The Marine Corps will also teach you intangible skills to become that better person and…show more content…
Sargent Vaquera: “This question is really hard because I love being a Marine but if I have to choose I have to say it’s the choices you have to make at such a young age affection lives. Your life others lives it’s a hard burden to handle being in your twenties. Judging people on who they are how they act their maturity and professional image. Now as a recruiter the hardest part o f my job would be dealing with young Americans trying to get them to understand I 'm trying to help them not hurt them”. Q: What is your prediction about the future? About ten years from now what will the Marine Cops look like? Sargent Vaquera: “Well in ten years I’ll be retired and the Marines will still be here protecting America. But i predict that the Marines will be smarter more elite more aggressive group. Marines then will be better than Marines now”. In conclusion, while all high school students will choose their own paths or maybe follow others, not many will choose the military path and join the Marines. Those people who want to join the Marines or are wanting to join, now know a little of what it takes to get there. These things include harsh training and physical tests like the IST, PFT, and CTF but they also know the outcome is going to be worth it; with so many benefits like leadership skills, becoming a quality citizen and knowing they are helping to protect our rights and

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