Misconception Of Women's Sports

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So I feel women’s sports aren 't as popular as men’s sports because of the misconception of women in America, Lack of Media coverage, and sponsors are unwilling to finance individuals and teams that don’t get good exposure. In a way it’s kind of like a vicious cycle, in the since that all these reasons are linked together. Though I feel if we found a good balance between media coverage and sponsorship 's then this problem would be drastically reduced, however as I stated earlier the misconception of woman in America is still somewhat of a problem. I personally don’t think this problem will ever completely go away due to the fact you’re always going to have that one guy who thinks he’s better than a woman due to his gender. You may put me…show more content…
I personally don’t believe I belong to that bracket because I believe people are people and, that we are all essentially the same as one another just with a different genetic makeup. It’s no surprise that I decided to use society’s outlook on women as my fist reason because it is one of the key roles in this argument. Women have always been fighting for the right to be equal in the eyes of their male counterparts. Though I am unsure of the dates, I know for a fact, women didn 't truly come together as a whole to squash these issue until the 1800s. In the 1800s the first of many women’s rights conventions were being held, which lay the foundation for the great triumph they would see in the 1900s to the present. Due to the women’s right movement as well as new found foundations, women’s status would see a huge jump in everyday life as well as politically, militarily, and of course in sports. However women aren’t just happy or satisfied with having their own league. Now they want to be recognized for their success on and off the field. I understand where there coming from…show more content…
Lastly is sponsors, this is heavily influenced by the previous two topics. Due to the fact you can’t be seen as a women of the past but one of the present. The sponsors need to know that you’re dependent, aggressive at what you do, and that you’re known amongst your teammates/nation. And for a team you must be well known amongst the nation. A quick example for this is Alex Morgan, she is a very well-known soccer player who participated in the World Cup and, has made many accomplishment for herself as well as for her team. She appeared in a recent commercial for EA with Kobe Bryan promoting the new fifa 16 game. Also I believe do to the outstanding performance of women worldwide their hard work is finally being noticed. Women’s soccer teams now have a place in the new fifa 16 game. In the end all these topics are linked up to one another and, you cannot solve one issue without solving the previous issue. These are just my thoughts on why Men’s sports are more popular than women’s sports due to the misconception of women in America, the Lack of Media coverage, and the lack of
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