Pros And Cons Of Dating Younger Men

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Top 7 Misconceptions About Dating Younger Men
Dating younger men, is that a stigma? While a lot of people think it’s unimaginable, here are some misconceptions debunked!
Whenever someone hears about an older woman dating a younger man, the first thing that they say is, “Is she out of her mind?!” Yes, this stigma has always been there, because people have come to believe that older women should never date younger men, it’s unacceptable. Why it’s unacceptable? Many reasons actually – while some say it’s the age difference, others think that younger men have better options. I know that was blunt, but it’s the truth and some people do think like that.
If you’re an older woman dating a younger man, take no offense, my husband is five years younger to me! Anyway, this article isn’t about what people think when an older woman ‘dates’ a younger man. It’s about why some women don’t like the idea of dating younger men, no matter how much they want them! A lot of women think that being in a relationship with a man younger to them is a recipe for disaster. While some think that they will look a lot more like their ‘aunt’ than their girlfriend, others simply suspect that they would never find a mature partner in them.
Finally there are some who rule out the possibility of an amazing relationship just because of their age difference. So when
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For example I’ve personally been subjected to a few nasty comments like, “is that your eldest son?” or “what do you call her at home?” But let me tell you that criticism is everywhere. You’ll hear these nasty comments even if you were younger to him. So if you’re going to date a younger man, you need to be prepared to deal with everything from everyone, simply put. In the end, it doesn’t matter, you know why? Eventually people stop criticizing. So be

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