Misconceptions About Yoga

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Until the last century, Yoga touched only the periphery of social life without being able to enter into it. Prejudice, misgiving, false notions, reduced yoga to a mystery. There are many other mental and moral inhibitions which remain deep rooted in the mind of millions which prevent the common man from extending even a trial to Yoga. A busy man regards it as a waste of time which he could utilize to better purpose, the normally healthy man believes he has no need for it, the non conformist and the unconventional dislike the very idea of following anything which demands their loyalty or devotion, the youth believes it is for the old and the luxury loving persons could not think of being simple, while many opine
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There is a mental block in people regarding the same that it is meant only for rishis, munis or sages. Unfortunately some carries an impression that yoga probably means some impossible physical postures or a curative agent for certain ailments. There is an unfounded fear among Christians and Muslims that yogic practices will lead them away from their religion. Wisdom from across cultures and times reassures that there is nothing in these practices that will make one an unfaithful. A large number of people still think there is something Hindu about Pranayama, Sudarshana kriya and similar breathing…show more content…
This led to cut throat competitions and in the process amassed lot of tensions. Individuals no more are able to live in harmony with their own self and collectively are not able to live in love and friendship, peace and cooperation with each other. The end result is one is weaned away from our own real. Instead of looking in, one is looking out for solace, peace & happiness. The restlessness of the mind prevents one from having a positive, healthy, and balanced attitude towards life. Though yoga has come in the forefront in recent years its perspective, understanding and ignorance has changed its value. It has become more commercialized and its basic essence, Mauna, is lost. Due to ignorance people gratify their personal whims by some pseudo adaptation of yoga system. Thus people are paying money to attend classes in gymnastic exercises and deep breathing and they are happy to think they can lengthen their life span by few years. But few understand that this not the actual yoga system. Commercialism has clouded the real meaning of
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