Stereotypes In Schools

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Imagine being perceived in a way were almost everyone thought one lived a catastrophic life based on the school they went to. A stereotype is an image of a person or group of people that is labeled or seen in a specific way by a range of people. Although stereotypes come with some legitimacy, another way groups and individuals are judged or viewed differently is by misconceptions. False interpretations forming from misunderstood ideas or thoughts are misconceptions. Stereotypes have come from past generations which are now influenced from media such as movies, tv shows, and social networks. Students that attend continuation schools are often observed as misbehaved troubled filled students. This stereotype and many more have surrounded and …show more content…

Continuation school students are seen to be the “ bad kids “ that dont belong with regular students at a normal school. The bad kids who don't care about education or any rules that are implemented in their school system. Another stereotype super passing bad kids is that only expellies and kids that get suspended multiple times attend continuation schools. Garrett-Hatfield then explains who also attends alternative schools’ “Many states have alternative schools, sometimes called "continuation schools," for children who have been suspended long term or expelled from their mainstream public schools.” This stereotype has been also circulating the reputation of students that attend these schools. When a student is expelled from their local public school they are usually sent to the community school which is were most troubled kids attend. Perceived that most students go there because they have been in and out of suspension or just expelled. In addition another bias opinion is that students can careless about their education and if they graduate or not. When individuals see kids from alternative schools they see students that are barely getting by and are probably not meeting any requirements to graduate. People see a student from any continuation school make the assumption that they are troubled filled or not smart enough to be at a normal school. Right away the stereotypes come flying left and right about all students wear the same clothes, act the same, and are just not at the right level to be at a normal

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